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Cat Fountain

Cat Fountain

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Provide water to your cat throughout the day and never let them go thirsty.
This fountain is made of environmentally safe food-grade plastic. Ensure the health of your pet. The pet water dispenser has a huge capacity of 2.8 liters, making it ideal for pets of all sizes. Your dogs and cats will be able to drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.

Keep your furball hydrated 24/7!
Our high-performance gravity siphon system with automatic water tray replenishment ensures a constant supply of fresh water at all times, it's extremely easy to handle and installation is a breeze! Our water fountain is made of ABS for food use: an excellent choice of pet-safe materials for durable, healthy, and safe drinking water containers.

No Electric Pump
The innovative system of this fountain allows water to circulate and filter without the use of electricity, avoiding consumption and also protecting the safety of your cat by keeping them away from cables and electrical hazards. Plus, thanks to its innovative snail-shaped design, you can place it wherever you want to prevent your pet from tipping it over.

Assembly Instructions
1. Unscrew the tank cap and remove the plastic bag inside the tank
2. Take the plastic bracket, then screw it under the base of the fountain
3. Fill the tank according to your pet's needs
4. Screw the tank cap halfway
5. Place the tank at the base of the fountain, then push down until you hear a click
6. Wait for the fountain to filter your pet's water

- Material: ABS
- Capacity: 2.8 l
- Weight: approximately 680 g.
- Dimensions: 30 x 23.8 cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Valentina Z.

    Il mio gatto beveva solo dal rubinetto e sono rimasta sorpresa nel vedere che si è adattato velocemente

    Gianluca D.
    Molto bella da vedere

    Già due mesi da quando ho ricevuto il prodotto, il mio gatto si è abituato molto rapidamente. Sono contentissimo della fontana, l'acqua è ben filtrata come indicato sul sito. La consiglio senza esitazione.

    Caterina B.
    Contentissima del prodotto

    Design molto bello, i miei gatti sono felici e ho l'impressione che bevano più spesso

    Sandra V.
    Bellissima fontana

    Sono conquistata da questa fontana bei colori e design originale, di grande capacità e senza batteria. La consiglio

    Alessio F.
    Molto utile

    Utilissima per chi è fuori casa , si ricarica velocemente ed ha una buona capienza.