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Pet Hair Removal and Massaging Brush

Pet Hair Removal and Massaging Brush

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The pet hair removal and massaging brush is the perfect choice for keeping your pet's fur clean, healthy, and knot-free. The ergonomic design, high-quality materials, and benefits of regular grooming will make this brush a valuable ally in caring for your furry friend.

Benefits of Regular Grooming
This pet hair removal brush is an essential tool for pet owners. Regular grooming reduces the risk of the animal ingesting excess hair and prevents matting. Keeping your pet's fur clean and free of knots also helps prevent the growth of bacteria.

Prevent Hair Matting Even in Water
Thanks to the high-quality bristles of the brush, you can easily get rid of knots and tangles in your pet's fur even while rinsing it under water. This minimizes effort during grooming and prevents annoying irritations for your furry friend. Additionally, the brush also removes small debris and dirt residues from the animal's fur.

Easy Removal of Accumulated Hair
The pet hair removal and massaging brush is equipped with a convenient button on the back that allows for easy removal of hair that has accumulated between the brush's teeth. This feature makes cleaning the brush a quick and simple procedure, ensuring optimal performance during grooming your furry friend.

- Net Weight: 83 g
- Available Colors: Green, Yellow, Purple
- Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
- Dimensions: 195 * 94 * 46 mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Filomena P.
Look carino

Presa comoda e il pulsante per rimuovere i peli funziona bene.

Ginevra P.
Ottimo prodotto!

Persino al mio gatto piace e spazzola a meraviglia.

Claudia P.
Altamente raccomandata

La spazzola ha setole molto morbide che massaggiano e rimuovono i peli. Le estremità arrotondate non feriscono la pelle e rendono la spazzolatura molto confortevole per il gatto. Nel complesso, la spazzola è adatta a tutti i proprietari di gatti che attribuiscono grande importanza alla toelettatura

Erica R.
Pulizia rapida e semplice

Molto facile da pulire grazie alla pratica funzione a pulsante. La spazzola è molto robusta e sta comodamente in mano durante la pettinatura e la spazzolatura

Arianna D.
Molto vantaggiosa

Sto usando questa spazzola da due settimane e già il pelo è molto più morbido e bello di prima