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3-in-1 Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Grooming Brush

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The Secret to Perfect Grooming

Animal Brushing
This brush is equipped with sturdy and resilient bristles, ideal for tackling even the most stubborn knots in the animal's coat. Thanks to their shape and stiffness, the bristles effectively remove dead hair and dirt, keeping the animal's fur clean and orderly.

Coat Massage and Washing
The central part of the brush is made of silicone and offers a gentle washing and massage experience for the animal. Silicone is soft on the animal's skin and can be used to massage the coat during brushing. Additionally, you can fill the water tank to wash the coat more efficiently and conveniently. Wrap the central silicone layer with cat cleansing wipes and clean your cat's fur from dust and loose hair by removing excess and dead hair. By using specific cat wipes with the brush, you can clean and bathe your cat at the same time, saving time and energy. This is particularly useful for cats that dislike bathing and for those who have difficulty staying still during grooming.

Fabric Hair Removal
The back of the brush is equipped with smaller teeth, ideal for removing hair that has attached to fabrics such as sofas, armchairs, or clothing. Thanks to their size and design, these teeth help to effectively remove hair without damaging fabrics.

Complete Solution for Your Pet's Care
This versatile brush combines different functions to offer a complete solution for your pet's care. In addition to brushing, it provides a washing, massage, and fabric hair removal experience, allowing you to take care of your pet's coat efficiently and effectively.

- Material: ABS, silicone
- Dimensions: 19x5cm
- Bristles:

  • 3mm (short hair brush)
  • 4mm (long hair brush)

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