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Christmas Tree Shaped Cat Bed

Christmas Tree Shaped Cat Bed

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The Bed that Warms Your Cats' Hearts!

The Christmas Tree Shaped Cat Bed is an extraordinary gift for your feline friends and all cat lovers. Made of soft plush, this bed not only provides comfort and space but also turns your cat into an authentic Christmas inhabitant. In addition to offering a cozy refuge for your cats, it's also a clever way to protect the Christmas tree from any "feline disasters."

Unrivaled Comfort and Softness
The first benefit of the Christmas Tree Shaped Cat Bed is its unmatched softness. Covered in soft and warm plush, it provides a cozy and relaxing retreat for your cats during the cold December days. The inner cushion not only lets them rest comfortably but also allows them to sharpen their claws, thus preserving your furniture and curtains.

Christmas Atmosphere for Cats Too
The second great advantage of this bed is its Christmas-themed design. The Christmas tree is a timeless icon of this holiday, and thanks to this bed, your cats can experience the Christmas mood like never before. It will be a special place they won't want to leave, immersing them completely in the Christmas atmosphere.

Protect Your Christmas Tree
The third benefit is a bonus for all cat owners who love to decorate the house for Christmas. Christmas trees with lights and ornaments can be irresistible to cats, but often lead to disasters. With this bed, your cat will be distracted and entertained by the ornaments attached to the outside, reducing the temptation to play with the tree decorations. This way, you protect your Christmas tree and maintain a stress-free Christmas environment.

- Material: Oxford bottom, surrounded by sponge, inner cushion made of PP cotton
- Dimensions:

  • S 48*40*40 cm (bottom measurement 30 cm)
  • M 60*42*40 cm (bottom measurement 33 cm)
  • L 65*45*45 cm (bottom measurement 40 cm)

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